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Comparison of Budget VPSes

The following specs are taken from the cheapest offering of a given hosting provider. All of these VPSes are based on KVM and the prices include VAT in Poland (23%). You may also want to check out VPSBenchmarks for more in-depth rankings of VPSes based in anglophone countries.

08 Mar 2022: I’ve chosen IQhost and it works fine for my usecase (running SSH remote port forwarding for this website and a relay mail server).

NameYearly costRAMvCPUStorageBandwidthSLACPUNotes
IQhost89.70zł1GB110GB250Mb/s?2.2GhzDDoS protection, reverse DNS, 1TB transfer limit
Sprint141.70zł1GB110GB?99.90%?DDoS protection, 5TB/month transfer limit
forpsi176.97zł1GB120GB???VMware, 2TB/month transfer limit
Aruba Cloud41.18€1GB120GB?99.80%Xeon E5-2650L v4 1.7GhzDDoS protection, reverse DNS, VMware, 2TB/month transfer limit
OVHcloud/Kimsufi191.88zł2GB120GB100Mb/s99.95%?DDoS protection, reverse DNS, expandable storage
Vultr51.66$0.5GB110GB?100.00%?0.5TB/month transfer limit
Servizza221.40zł2GB120GB1Gb/s99.90%Xeon Skylake 2.1GHzReverse DNS, expandable storage, 20TB/month transfer limit, located in Germany
BlazingFast59.04€1GB130GB??Epyc 7702P 2GHzDDoS protection, expandable storage
Hetzner61.25€2GB120GB???DDoS protection, reverse DNS, expandable storage, 20TB/month transfer limit
Nazwa.pl332.10zł0.5GB110GB??Xeon E5 2.2 GHzDDoS protection, reverse DNS
SLDC348.00zł2GB150GB100Mb/s99.99%?Poor customer support
Linux.pl412.05zł2GB120GB100Mb/s99.90%?20TB/month transfer limit
Webtropia99.49€1GB130GB100Mb/s99.00%?Reverse DNS
Scaleway106.27€2GB220GB200Mb/s?Epyc 7281DDoS protection, reverse DNS
FireHost516.60zł1GiB?25GB50Mb/s?i7-980x 3.33GHz500GB/month transfer limit
HostingsHouse132.11€1GB125GB???1TB/month transfer limit